General conditions

Cancellation policy:

0% of the cost of the reservation will be applied to the cancellation of your reservation as long as it is 14 days or more before the arrival date.

100% of the cost of the reservation will be applied for the cancellation of your reservation in case of canceling with 14 days or less to the arrival date.

If you do not show up on the day of arrival indicated in your reservation, the amount of the stay will NOT be reimbursed and the charge will be 100% of the total including the mandatory cleaning supplement.

Payment conditions:

When you issue your reservation, you will be asked for your credit card details to store the data as a guarantee of payment. We do not accept American Express cards.

At the time of booking, we do not request any payment as a deposit unless the arrival date is less than 14 days. In case of booking more than 14 days before the scheduled arrival, the total charge of the amount established in your reservation will be made 14 days before the scheduled arrival.

Please note that any commission that the bank incurs for selecting the payment method by bank transfer will be charged to the client, deducted from the amount paid for their reservation, the agency may send proof of the corresponding bank commission and that difference must be paid for the client.

We request that you take into account that the charges corresponding to the credit card provided in your reservation will be charged in your local currency unless the client tells us another currency preference.

Let us know in the comments box of your reservation or by sending us an email, communicate your request to



The costs of the services added to your reservation will be charged 24 hours before the date of enjoyment. 100% of the cost of the reservation will be applied for the cancellation of the service in case of being canceled with less than 24 hours.



Under no circumstance will it be permitted to celebrate any kind of celebration or gathering of more than the guests mentioned on the reservation. If the terms and conditions of the reservation are violated and disobeyed, COUNTRY VILLAS LANZAROTE reserves the rights to terminate the reservation instantly.
Please do not throw paper into the toilet, use the bin.
No smoking inside the house, please use the exterior area designated for smokers.
No parties, mal use, photo or video reports are allowed without the permission of the property.
Your apartment is rented for the confirmed number of guests in your reservation. If there were more people present, you would be charged extra for each person additional to the reservation.
Properties with pool, if you are not using the pool please leave the cover closed to keep it clean.
Pets are strictly not allowed.
Each guest is responsible for throwing their trash in the bin containers available.
Be aware of the noise you generate.
If you have broken any element of the house let us know, otherwise we will use your registration data to charge you the cost of the repair/replacement.
Be respectful with noise levels generated.
Before leaving the house, please be sure to turn off all the lights.

If any damage occurs in the property we will contact you, we will value the amount and we will charge the cost of the damage incurred to the facilitated credit card. In the vent of key loss, you will be charged a fee of 45,00€. Smoking is not permited inside the accommodation, there will be an immediate surcharge of 60,00€ for an intensive clean if this norm has been violated.

In accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 933/2021, of October 26, of the Government of Spain, which establishes the obligations of documentary registration and information in lodging activities, by virtue of the principle of security protection public and citizen security, we inform you that it is the obligation of all guests to provide the personal data required by current regulations as well as sign the traveler parts (all those over 14 years of age; with respect to minors under 14 years of age, their parents or legal guardians must provide the data); as well as show your passport or identification at the entrance to the accommodation. In case of refusal, by virtue of the right of admission, entry may be denied.